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Julien asked 1 year ago

I have a number of different of portfolios on my server. I normally use WordPress because its easy to manage. 
The other day wordpress did an auto update, and one of my friends portfolios has disappeared. The update has not effected any of the others.
The Theme is called: Blanca
Plug in: TC Portfolio
I have tried to email the creator of the theme. But still waiting for a reply…
Image are still Media Library. But there are no items in the TC portfolio

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Imran Emu Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Julien,
What is the problem with the TC Portfolio and How may I help you ?

julien answered 1 year ago

Since the auto update all my portfolio items have been deleted?
Is there any way to get them back? 
is it an error with TC portfolio or the theme?

Imran Emu Staff answered 1 year ago

Sorry ! TC portfolio won’t delete any data .

julien answered 1 year ago

 Any idea where it has all gone? I haven’t deleted anything

Imran Emu Staff answered 1 year ago

Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at
NB: Keep the user themescode active untill the issue is solved .
please provide me the link of the page where you used the plugin shortcode
User: themescode
Email :

julien answered 1 year ago

Thanks for your help

nemo117 answered 11 months ago

Hi,  I have the same problem. Can I know how resolve it? Thanks

Imran Emu Staff answered 11 months ago

Hello , We updates WordPress core CMS in our demo site regularly . but did not see anything like this .you can check your database – whether the data exists . Or try adding new , sorry to say that .