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Isabelle Smith asked 1 week ago

I have two question, first one, how do I translate the words “I am” in the pop up.
The second one is how to center the popup, right now it’s more to the left



3 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 1 week ago

Hello ,
Please add the following CSS code to solve the alignment issue.
.white-popup {
max-width: 80%;

Which language do you want to translate the word “I am”.
you can also hide it from the pop-up setting area.

How to Add WordPress Custom CSS –
Thank you

Isabelle Smith answered 1 week ago

Hello thank you for your quick response.
The language I need is french
Also the social icon on the picture are not totally aligned center, is there a solution?

Imran Emu Staff answered 1 week ago

Hello Isabelle Smith,
I have noted down your two issue and hope to contact you again within 2/3 days. these might need to update plugins files.
I really appreciate your patience.
Thank You