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Stephanie asked 10 months ago

Hi – I recently installed the TC Team Members (free plugin).  I\’m running the latest WordPress version. I\’m seeing different behavior between my three teams that I\’ve setup.  All pages are set with a full-width template.
Team 1: Consists of 5 members.  The first row looks great, showing off 4 members.  The second row has just one member not left, right, or even centered.  She\’s aligned below the third member in the top row.  Is there a way to align her in the center?
Team 2: Consists of 7 members.  The first row looks great, showing 4 members.  The second row is okay, but looks like the three members are aligned right.  Is there a way to align the row left or center?
Team 3: Behaves the best.  Consists 6 members.  Top row of 4, second row has two members aligned to the left.   Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Imran Emu Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Stephanie,
Please provide me your site’s team Members demo page URL in Private .