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Adam Braun asked 3 months ago

I tried the demo of Team Member. It looked great so bought the Pro version. I deleted the demo before uploading, installing and activating the Pro version. I built my 8 member team, saved, published, and put the shortcode into the page content. Saved and published. When I checked the page on the actual website it was blank where the team should have been. There’s space where the Team Members should be but nothing displays. Page is
Using a different computer I put the demo version on a different website. I did everything the same and it displays fine. Page is I checked the settings for each site and they are the same. I can’t sort out any reason Team Member Pro won’t display. 

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Imran Emu Staff answered 3 months ago


Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at from your Purchased Email ID.

NB: Keep the user themescode active until the issue is solved .

please provide me the link of the page where you used the plugin shortcode

User: themescode
Email :


Imran Emu