SupportCategory: TC Portfolio ProTC-Portfolio – HTML color entry fields missing
Sergio asked 2 weeks ago

I am unable to change/customize announcement/shadow colors, etc. in the admin back-end. Upon selecting the settings option the HTML color code entry fields are missing. Only the descriptions are visible. 

3 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Sergio,

I am not clear on your question. please give me a screenshot.
Thanks answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Imran, I am having some difficulty in inserting/pasting the requested screenshot. It seems the content is not being added. The file does not appear once inserted. Nevertheless, to elaborate on the problem, please go to TC Portfolio Settings->Style settings. With regard to the options \”Menu color\” and \”Image Overlay Color\”, the html hex fields are missing. Only the the description text line is visible and it has been  shifted upward. Please advise. Thanks answered 1 week ago

In order to solve my problem in a more expedient manner, might I suggest the possibility of editing the html color code embedded in the php/js/css files?
In that way, I can change the relevant color(s) in the code and sort this out without needing to worry about this issue on the admin end.
If you agree to this please let me know which files (and where) to edit the color codes.