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Klaus Arends asked 1 week ago

Some items are still not working on the update.
1.: Short Description limit is not working.
Even i´m setting up they height to (for example) 1000 and the word limit to let´s say 1000 also, the plugin does not give permission for that amount of words.
2.: Headlines are not linked correct. 
I did set up the external link… Using the link button within the image works perfect, but the headline does not link to the article as expected.
Some are correct, other not.

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Imran Emu Staff answered 1 week ago

Hello ,
Please do not open new question for the same item , try to reply here . that will be easy to follow .Anyway ,

Use the following new arrtibutes

1. To hide icons – icons=”false”
2. To hide title title=”false”
3. Short description word limit sd_words=”80″
4. Hide read more link readmore=”false”

NB . After You Install the new version , set the permalink to Post Name form the Permalink Settings and hit the save changes button.

Klaus Arends answered 1 week ago

Maybe i explained not correct the issue… I am talking about the Headlines, who are automaticly having a link. If you click the headline, not all are redirected correct. How can i disable the link of the headline? I have choosen in the Backend 80 words as limit, but i can not extend 30 words. The plugin is cutting it off.  

Klaus Arends answered 1 week ago

I forgot to mention, In the old version in style three the Headlines did show up below the image, after the update they are gone… ;-(

Klaus Arends answered 1 week ago

The last question is resolved, i did choose the wrong color for the Headline…

Imran Emu Staff answered 1 week ago

Please provide me the link in Private where you used the shortcode and a screenshot of the shortcode you used .

Imran Emu Staff answered 1 week ago

Hello ,
I could not check your site – it shows something different

please check the link

Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at from your Purchased Email ID.

NB: Keep the user themescode active untill the issue is solved .

please provide me the link of the page where you used the plugin shortcode

User: themescode
Email :

Imran Emu Staff answered 6 days ago

Hello taohi,

It will take some more days to check properly . Did you find these issues only in style 2 ?

taohi answered 6 days ago

Hi Imran,
yes this happens only in style 2…
Best regards