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Steve asked 1 year ago

I couldn’t find a way to reply within the previous thread…  original message copied below. 
I’ve replaced the slider on the page (sorry, I was trying out different sliders and forgot to put it back).
I’m still having the same problem with only 5 items displaying instead of 7.
I guess you don’t offer arrows in the trial version?
Hi. I like the slider, but I’m experiencing some difficulties:

  1. The settings for how many images appear on different screen sizes don’t seem to do anything.  I.e. it displays 5 images for my laptop no matter how many I enter.
  2. The arrows (e.g. on mobile) scroll all the way to the end, instead of item by item.

You can see the slider on

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Imran Emu Staff answered 1 year ago


Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at

NB: Keep the user themescode active untill the issue is solved .

please provide me the link of the page where you used the plugin shortcode


Imran Emu