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Sandra L. (Sandy) Boyce asked 1 month ago

appears on the top page of Products don\’t seem to find a fix and when I click on the gray box of the product, I get \”Not found!\”  Sorry, no posts matched your criteria

3 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 1 month ago

Hello Sandra L. (Sandy) Boyce ,
Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at from your Purchased Email ID.

NB: Keep the user themescode active until the issue is solved.

please provide me the link to the page where you used the plugin shortcode

User: themescode


Laurent Hanon answered 3 weeks ago

Hello, Same problem for me.
Could you give me the steps to solve problem?
Thank you

Imran Emu Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Laurent Hanon,
Please send me the shortcode you used at
Thank You