Michelle Tortorello asked 1 month ago

I have selected Layout 2 for my Team Page and when I preview it it is changing the shape of my circle picture to ovals and they look distorted.  It also has 4 going across and in Layout 2 the last image is the only one that does’t look distorted.  I also am wondering if there is a way to just show the team member’s Name and Title and not there description on the page until someone clicks on the picture to view the pop-up?
Thank you

2 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 1 month ago


Please provide me the Page URL where you used the plugin’s shortcode.
Thank you

Imran Emu Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hello ,
I added css to align all the team members properly.

did you customize the plugin’s code? why does layout 1 look circle?