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Chris Lee asked 8 months ago

Got a few questions.
Since you don’t seem to be answering these publicly, I’ll just fold them into one request.  
Question 1: I’m using the paid version of TC Team Members Pro but the employee images display in twos.
How do I edit the number of rows/columns? Or is it just responsive deriving from the sizes of the photos themselves? I’ve searched the forums & docs but not been able to find anything.
Question 2:  I am having css from the plugin conflict with my theme.
tc-team.css line 20
     margin:0 auto;min-height:400px;
Will there be any issue with commenting this out?
Question 3: On mobile display, the images all just run together. No names. No spacing between.
I’ve added some margin via CSS.
div.tc_team-members {
     margin:20px !important;
That provides some separation & I can still see the name. Would that be the way you would recommend doing that?
Question 4: In the hover state, the icon to click the pop-up looks like an eyeball with a slash through it.
How do we change that icon?

3 Answers
Chris Lee answered 8 months ago

Addendum on Q4…
So figured out how to change the Font Awesome icon. Cannot figure out how to change the size of it. Want to make it larger. Can you help?

Imran Emu Staff answered 8 months ago

Hello Chris Lee,
Please provide me the link url where you used the shortcode in private .

Imran Emu Staff answered 8 months ago

please change the color and font size value of the CSS code below to update the icon’s size and color
.tc_overlay {
color: #ffffff !important;
font-size: 40px!important;