SupportCategory: Owl Carousel WP Prohow-can-i-change-edit-title-for-my-carousel-and-i-want-to-show-some-description-on-hover-effect-on-my-carousel-image
Mohsin asked 8 months ago

Hi, I have your Pro version for Owl Carousel and i want to modify somethings in it as i require, following are the changes that i need. Tell me can i show my carousel images through a link without using featured images? When i take my mouse over that image it should display some description of that image on hover effect. I want to redirect to my image on a specific location how can i do that? How can i change hove background color with 100% opacity?? I have tried to change it through setting panel but this does not seems to be taking any effect on it. Here is the link for my site and i need your help so please let me know as soon as you can.

1 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 8 months ago

Hello Mohsin,
Thank you for purchasing the pro version. We are working on a new version.We are working on a new version hope it will provide all solutions you are looking for .