SupportCategory: Owl Carousel WP ProCan I use pre-built blog posts to populate carousel?
Brad asked 3 months ago

Hi there.
This seems to be just what I need. Only one issue. I have a bunch of already built blog posts (30+). How do I tell the plugin to use those to fill the sliding carousel instead of me rebuilding each post as a new carousel element? I am willing to buy the PRO version if necessary. I don’t want to purchase and then find out it doesn’t work.

2 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello ,
You can display the latest post in the carousel .

Brad Felt answered 3 months ago

Hi Imran.
Alright, I have purchased the Pro version and am now having difficulty deciphering how to set this up. Where does it ask for which blog posts to populate with? I don’t want to have to rebuild every post in to a new Gallery. This is what I needed answered before purchasing.
The site below is what I am trying to replicate. The What’s New section at the home page bottom.