SupportCategory: TC Pricing Table ProBullet points show up and collumns not on one line
Hanh Lam asked 10 months ago

I am trying to add a table to this page:
But there are bullet points on the columns (They didn’t show with free version) and I can’t get the columns to be on the same line. Currently the setting is 3 columns.
I tried to add the CSS trying to fix the bullet points as suggested in one of the posts here but it didn’t work.
Please take a look and let me know how I can fix this.
Thank you.

1 Answers
Imran Emu Staff answered 10 months ago


Please create a temporary user with administrative role called themescode with and email me the login details at from your Purchased Email ID.

NB: Keep the user themescode active untill the issue is solved .

please provide me the link of the page where you used the plugin shortcode

User: themescode
Email :


Imran Emu