chosen WordPress theme

Chosen WordPress Theme Review – Why you would pick chosen for creating a blog .

Chosen is a clean, minimalist WordPress Blog theme. The theme focuses mainly on content presentation. Besides, It is a lightweight and fast-loading WordPress theme. So it is a good choice for a microblog or affiliate marketing blog website.

Chosen WordPress Theme Customization

Lets’s Talk about the chosen WordPress Theme customization option. Before you are going to pick a theme for your WordPress Website, you should check the customization option the theme offers. Chosen theme has basic customization options. 

In the header section, you can add popular social media links with icons and custom Icons with Links. You can also show or hide the search bar in the header. You can use the traditional desktop menu style or mobile menu style for all screen sizes.

Blog setting – you can display all the content of a post or a certain number of words. And Change the button text.

Additional Options – this options panel contains some extra settings to give your blog site a different look.

chosen wordpress theme

  1. You can make your first blog post extra large.  
  2. Move the post title below or above the Featured image.
  3. Hide or show the author’s name in the byline.
  4. Hide or show Scroll-to-top arrow
  5. A display blog post last updated date

Final thought: Chosen is a good choice for a Minimal WordPress Blog Website. If you more customization, you will have to use custom CSS.